Designated Funds

To designate your donation to a certain fund, please click on the fund name and you will be directed to the donation for the corresponding fund.  

In 2018, the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation Board of Directors identified the need to create a special fund dedicated solely to mental health and addictions for Community Services and Acute Care.  This was recognized due to an increase in people reaching out for support.  The funds collected to date have made a significant impact already.  Four inpatient rooms have been renovated to become safer rooms that remain comfortable for the patient and their families.  We have also been able to update resource materials for Community Services MHAS.

David Ronald Bell, known as Ron Bell, wanted to leave a lasting legacy in the community he lived and worked in for many years.  Mr. Bell established the David Ronald Bell Cardiac Endowment Fund. 

In 2012, the St. Elizabeth's Ladies Auxiliary celebrated their 100th Anniversary!  To celebrate this significant milestone, the ladies within the organization decided they wanted to leave a lasting legacy into the future while ensuring  that heart health  would continue to be maintained in our health care facility.

Spiritual Care attends to a patients spiritual or religious needs while in hospital to help cope with illness and assist in healing emotionally as well as physically.

Palliative Care is a service of active compassionate care which centers on achieving the best possible quality of life for a person at the end of life's journey.