The Humboldt District Hospital Foundation has purchased millions of dollars of equipment over the years.  The generosity from our donors truly makes a difference in the lives of so many people.  The following highlights equipment purchases made by the Humboldt District Hospital Foundation over the last few years.



3 x Stretchers


ABI Monitor

O.R. Instruments

Helicopter Pad

Vein Finder

Upright Freezer

Storage Carts

Portavent CPAP

Vital Signs Monitor

Event REcorder

Specialty Mattress

POC Urine Testing


Automatic Door Opener



Bariatric Bed

Inpatient Wall Protection

Endoscopic Equipment for Carpel Tunnel

Leg Positioning Bracket

Endoscopy Reprocessor

2 x Ceiling Track Lift

Bariatric Mattress


Lab Information System

Night Oxymeter

Convection Oven

Biological Safety Cabinet

Chemo Chair

2 Overbed Tables

Hem-o-lock clips


32" Television for Mental Health & Addictions Services

Ear Nose Throat Surgical Sets

Plastics Sets

Orthopedic Sets

Upright Freezer - Lab

Upright Freezer - Food Services

Smart IV Pumps

Tornado Bedpan Flusher

Laproscopic Biopsy Forcep

Automatic Door Openers


Staxi Mobile Chair

Sonogaphy Chair

Bariatric Lift

Otoscopes & Opthalmascropes

2 Blood Pressure Machines

Fetal Heart Monitor

G2 Gas Module

Volunteen Aprons

Pitnel Restraint Kit

Hemolok Ligation System

Electric Stretcher

SCM Status Boards and Equipment

Headlamps for OR

24 hour BP Machine

Pharmacy Refrigerator

Tango Stress Testing and BP Monitor

Blood Pressure machine with Carboxynemoglobin 

Miltex Loupes Kit

Charts for Inpatients

Portable Privacy Screen


ACTIV.A.C Dressing Machine

Foster Sleep Chairs (2)

ATS 4000 Tourniquet System

WOW Carts (2) for SCM

McGrath Mac Video Laryngoscope

Bariatric Wheelchair

Electrical supplies to install Biological Cabinet

Cart-Root-Masimo (Portable Stand for BP Machine)

Portable Blood Pressure Machine

Capnocheck II capnocheck/oximeter with battery

Additonal equipment for WOW Carts

Baby Leo Incubator (funded by Jim Pattison Children's Hospital Foundation)

Oxygen Blender for Baby Leo Incubator

Light for Baby Leo Incubator

Funiture for Inpatients and ER staff rooms

CPR Feedback Device

Cordless Window Blinds - Safe rooms

Rainbow Coffee Club (speakers/presenters, materials for workshop and refreshmens for presentations)












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